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Abstract Submission

Submission closed.

  • Presentations

    • Oral
    • Poster
    • Either
    • Invited talk

  • Keyword

    • Please you can enter up to 3 keywords.
    • For example; graphene, half-integer quantum Hall effect, ARPES

  • Topics

    • Magnetism and spintronics
    • Bio-functionalization and sensing
    • 2D materials and graphene
    • Catalysis and surface reactions
    • Organic and inorganic films for active devices
    • Film growth
    • Fuel cells and hydrogen storage
    • Insulator and oxide surfaces and films
    • Mechanical characterization and tribology
    • Metallic films
    • Novel and emerging methods in thin film characterization
    • Surface theory and models
    • Photonics, plasmonics and magnetoplasmonics
    • Polymer films
    • Self-assembled films
    • Semiconductors and hybrid films
    • Superconducting films, interfaces and surfaces
    • Nanostructured films and surfaces
    • Surface metrology
    • Topological insulators

The abstract should be one page to fit into the A4 paper size (210×297mm) with a margin of 25 mm (top, bottom, right and left). You can use this template to make a draft for your abstract.


Online Abstract Submission